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Malcolm and Simone Collins are not atheist and espouse their own metaphysical beliefs

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Maybe ask the Guardian for a correction!

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> Participants stated that their experiences with PGT-M/SR had been physically, psychologically and practically difficult. Most participants stated partly because of these difficulties, they did not see the added value of knowing risk scores of embryos via PGT-P.

Patients undergoing IVF for PGT-SR, depending on the exact translocation, may have aneuploidy rates of up to 80% (and for PGT-M, 25% or 50% of euploid embryos will be affected)

I suspect many of these couples struggled to get a single successful pregnancy given the math, so the possibility of prioritizing between 1-2 embryos on genetic risk of course sounds like it would add little or no value. But I would hesitate to extrapolate these results to the broader population.

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